Staying at Home Mums Can Help Pay The Bills

There’s no question that many women are having their first child later in life. And this may not be only by choice but because it needs to be this way for many reasons.

The reality is that it’s becoming harder and harder to have a baby, in financial terms. All the costs that are associated with a newborn have been increasing in the last few years and women also want to have their own careers. This simply delays motherhood and creates a dilemma

However, we have been seeing a new reality appearing in our communities. Grandparents need to work for longer and so they cannot be around as much as they could in previous generations. And paying for a babysitter or childcare support for babies can be extremely expensive.

So, we are seeing a new reality. We are observing career women staying at home at least during the first few years after they give birth. Since they had to delay motherhood and they are more likely to only have one child, they want to ensure that they can make the best of this experience. But there is also the cost involved. After all, for many couples, it is a better option to be a stay at home mum than a career woman and pay for nannies and nurseries to care for their precious newborn.

In case you are in this situation and you feel that you should be doing something productive and contributing to pay towards the bills at home, then you shouldn’t feel alone. The reality is that the number of women in this position has been increasing every year. However, while some can afford to get through this situation, there are others who can’t – so they start their own home ventures. This allows them to feel useful and working again while they can still take care of their new baby.  This flexible way of working is an ideal way to cope with the stresses and strains of bringing up a baby or young children – and at the same time, they get to chat to others about things other than bringing up their child. This can be just as important mentally, as physically earning the extra income

Staying At Home Mums Are Helping Paying The Bills

In case you are wondering what you can do to help to pay the bills, then you need to know that you have plenty of options. You can work as a freelancer, get some part-time jobs that you can do remotely or you can start your own home venture.

In case you are looking to explore the latter idea, then you need to know what most new mums do is they usually start by selling on their old baby items. They may find they have discovered a new interest, From clothing and crafts to cooking and making meals, while taking care of their baby and doing the housework at the same time. The reality is, sometimes career women who have worked for most of their adult life, find, although looking after their child rewarding and forgive me, tiring, they would also love to be able to, occasionally, have some adult conversations about anything other than babies, to find their old selves and earn some extra money to help with their exciting new lives.

Tropic Skincare is a great place to both learn how to run a home business venture and to make the extra income that is needed. I think the best thing of all is that you don’t know when a child is going to be ill and will need your full attention, or whether on some days you become tired through a severe lack of sleep, stressed out with the pressures of modern living, or you simply haven’t got enough hours in the day to fit everything in. So a great choice is the fabulous company Tropic because there are no daily pressures on you. You can pick it up or put it down whenever you want or whenever life gets in the way. Why not explore this wonderful way of making the extra money, whilst thinking of something other than nappy rash, the best nursery to send your child to, etc.

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‘I am an Independent Tropic Ambassador and the views and opinions expressed here are solely my own and not those of Tropic Skincare Ltd.’

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