The Increase in Metrosexual

Women have always been very criticised by their partners for taking so much time to get ready.  No matter if it is in the morning or if they need to get ready for a party, in the old days, men kept rushing them out. However, it seems that times have changed and men are now taking more time to get ready than women. We can even say that we are watching an increase of ‘metrosexual‘.

Just one or two decades ago, it was a bit difficult for men to accept the fact that they could also take care of themselves. After all, it is not just a female thing. And there it began. We started seeing men of all ages starting to take care of their hair at first and then they moved on onto their skin. Then, we started seeing brands noticing the trend since they started offering more and more beauty products specifically designed for men. Even body shaving products for men are available on the market today.

Tropic Skincare identified this trend, and produced a fabuluos range of products for men. It doesn’t mean to say that you won’t be tempted to use them yourself – they are that good!

These beauty habits or grooming regimes vary from men to men, the same as not all women devote the same time to their skin. So if you are with a guy who likes to take care of himself, or you are with a neanderthol who you would like to help discover the modern world, look no further than this excellent range of natural, cruelty free male grooming products.


Guys – here are some tips for you. It’s not all about us ladies you know!

1: Regularly Visit Your Barber:

Your hair needs to be taken care of and this means that besides using natural haircare products, you should also visit your barber on a regular basis. Notice that these visits depend on how you wear your hair. Obviously the ‘baldies’ can take care of their own heads!

2: Discover The Right Scent For You:

One of the things that a lot of men don’t still know is that there is a good scent for everyone and this may mean changing it depending on the season. Notice that you should also choose a natural scent to one that is filled with chemicals.

3: Have A Daily Skincare Routine:

While we are used to seeing skincare routines dedicated exclusively to women, more and more men are creating their own routines as well. While they are obviously different, they should still include exfoliation, cleansing, and moisturising natural beauty products.

4: Shaving Well:

Well, shaving is something all men know how to do. While this is assumed as a fact, it isn’t entirely true. The reality is that even if you already use a barber cream and an aftershave after, you are doing almost everything – but not all. The best way is to ensure that the razor can easily glide, and to do this you should use a shaving oil before. Besides, you should ensure that the blades are soaked in warm water as well to help your pores expand. This will not only decrease the redness but also the irritation.

Try the Tropic Skincare products for men. We think you will be absolutely delighted with this range.  To be well groomed may not put more women in your life – but it just might put more life in your women…:-)

Cassie and the crew

NOTE: I am an Independent Tropic Ambassador and the views and opinions expressedhere are solely my own and not those of Tropic Skincare Ltd.

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‘I am an Independent Tropic Ambassador and the views and opinions expressed here are solely my own and not those of Tropic Skincare Ltd.’

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