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Image _1 - 4 Beauty Ingredients You Need To Avoid On Your Body

Why ‘EcoSlap?’

Why ‘EcoSlap’? We are experienced (and very successful) ‘kitchen table’ entrepreneurs, having built teams of many thousands in various work from home ventures. I have always been very keen on natural skincare, hair and colour makeup products, and indeed, produced…
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Image _2 - Staying At Home Mums Are Helping Paying The Bills

Staying at Home Mums Can Help Pay The Bills

There’s no question that many women are having their first child later in life. And this may not be only by choice but because it needs to be this way for many reasons. The reality is that it’s becoming harder…
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How it All Began for Susie Ma

Susie Ma began selling natural hand made body scrubs at the age of 15. As I write, her company, Tropic Skincare now employs 160 staff and has a turnover of £160 million. Susie is just 31 years old,. Recently an…
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